Thursday, March 6, 2008

Saree is the sexiest dress in the universe

One of the most remarkable characteristics of a society’s culture is the dress the people wear.

Saree is the sexiest dress in the universe. “ Women look more beautiful in sarees. It looks sensuous and tempting to heart and eyes. Young girls look more feminine only when they wear sarees”, says even by western people.

“Indeed, it is the configuration of a woman that decides the beauty of the saree. Blouse is a piece that plays a very vital role in gluing beauty to woman. It is not far from truth that it is the design of the blouse that defines a woman to be either respectful or beautiful or sexy or lusty”, says Hyderabad based fashion photographer, Iris Satyam.

Low neck, mirror incepted, strip type, short kind, embroidery designed et al are the model types of the blouses those appear among the women at the shopping malls and festival places. A few women are being seen gorgeous with aptly tailored blouses that suit to their figure and flesh.

However, the resplendence and glory of the saree has been growing strong in India. Get the glimpses of great sexy saree foto collection at -->

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